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Greek Odessos Alexander Ar Tetradrachm Odessus Silver Coin 125-70 Bc Vf / Xf

Pawn Stars King of Pontus Coin Season 14 History Greek odessos alexander ar tetradrachm odessus silver coin 125-70 bc vf / xf zeus seated left on throne, holding eagle and sceptre. Quite a beautiful coin and piece of Ancient Greek History. We post multiple large, clear photos of each and every coin so that you can take a look at these gorgeous pieces yourself.

Unique Greek Wooden Butterfly Sewing Threads Store Display Advertising Case

Songmics 12 Watch storage display case Unique greek wooden butterfly sewing threads store display advertising case up for sale unique vintage greek guitar sewing threads store display advertising wooden case from 50s measures 53x48x38cm 12 kilos with 10 shelves in vg used condition see photos for details in the shell.
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